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interior designing

Whether you're moving into a new space, or want to completely redo the existing one, you can talk to us. Be it a home, store, office, restaurant or a lounge, we believe that one's space is an extension of one's personality. And hence your space must truly speak you. So we listen to you, how you want your space to be, your preference. And then, combining your inputs with our knowledge, expertise and experience, we transform a space to feel like your space.
Mr. Brahmanand Pandey's Residence, Mumbai
Mrs. Shobha Menon's Residence, Mumbai
Urban Desi,
Retail Store, Mumbai
Creative Handicrafts,
Retail Store, Mumbai
Mr. Vimal Mishra's Residence, Mumbai
Mr. Neel Soni's Residence, Mumbai
Mr. Osbert D'Souza's Residence, Mumbai
Creative Handicrafts, Retail Store, Central Suburb,
This was the third outlet of Creative Handicrafts with the previous two already established in Western suburbs which were not done by us. The store sold Indian garments and hence an ethnic feel was required. With no set guidelines, this store layout was done independent of the previous two. The entrance area was brightly lit up and decorated with product display to give a welcoming feel. The reception table was uniquely designed with a custom made furnishing of garment patchwork. The shelves, storage, trial rooms and lighting were done keeping ease of access and movement in mind. This store set a benchmark for the brand.
Urban Desi, Retail Store,
Central Suburb, Mumbai
The reception desk and the storage area below shelf were made from cement sheets to give a raw feel. The neutral decor colours ensured that their colourful display items like handbags, clutches, jewellery etc. stood out well. In line with the logo colour, the entrance was given a bright pink border.
Mrs. Shobha Menon's Residence, Central Suburb,
The Menons had a 12 year old home and wanted to redo with a fusion of South Indian and contemporary look. The flooring was completely changed for a more bright and spacious look. The brass antiques, choice of paintings and wall decorations bring out the South Indian feel. Their existing wood furniture was given a PU finish with grey furnishings to add a contemporary look and at the same time help the colour elements to stand out. Duct areas were utilised for storage purpose.
Mr. Brahmanand Pandey's Residence, Central Suburb,
This home has been given a fusion of ethnic and contemporary look. Mrs. Pandey was fond of wooden furniture. Hence majority of the furniture is wooden retaining their wooden look and colour. To accentuate this feel, even flooring and upholstery has shades of brown. Blue has been used to break monotony. Their daughter was aspiring to be a fashion designer, hence her bedroom has a green colour with a dressing table made to look like those in a fashion model’s green room.
Mr. Osbert D'Souza's Residence, Western Suburb,
Tight budgeted, minimalistic, functional and lots of browns is what was asked for in this home. So from a purple sofa to break the monotony of the living room, to an onyx dining table to jazz up the area, to a lit ceiling to cut through the plainness, to a red headboard that adds character to the kids room with white brick walls to act as a canvas for graffiti- in this home, maximum has been tried to achieve with minimum.
Mr. Neel Soni's Residence, Central Suburb,
A home to a family of four, this house brings out their distinct personalities. The parents' love for browns reflects in the living room done with premium veneer and in flooring and balcony. Ample storage has been given with a space for collectibles. The kitchen speaks rose gold and white, to flaunt its spotlessness. The bedrooms are custom-made and vary- from simple and textured patterns in the parents' room, to a classy and elegant look for their chic daughter, to an oriental look with a for their son who is an artist.
Mr. Vimal Mishra's Residence, Central Suburb,
An old 2bhk revamped to a modern one, this journalist's home had a requirement for storage of over 5,000 books which earlier occupied major space in the kid's room. So the living room was utilised for books with one corner transformed into a reading area. The modular kitchen was given geometric tiles, to create an illusion of width to the originally elongated space. The colour blue and prominence of horizontal and vertical lines in the master bedroom were deliberate to match the house lady's tastes. The wooden wardrobe was refurbished with glass and huge handles. The boys' room was given a raw, rugged and youthful look. Ample storage across the house made this a space-effective home.